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Horses and Men in Slovak forests

April 20 2014 , Written by Le BLOG d'Around The Rock Published on #Ecovolunteer, #Ecovolunteer Trip, #Europe

Slovak forests are exploited in a sustainable way. Generally, the ideal time for cutting the trees is automn. Foresters put the trees in the slope of the mountain and then, thanks to the rain, the snow and the ice in winter, the trunks can slide down the slope in the valley. Then, horses gather these trunks in order to be evacuated by the trucks.

But it can appear that winter is soft and so, many trees stay in the mountains. In this case, foresters are helped by horses and their master.

In the following movie, you can see the difficulties and the risks of this operation. The work is long, repetitive, and dangerous for horses but also for their master. A nervous horse can run down alone and can be dragged by the weight of the trunk.

During the shooting of this little movie, we noticed that the horse was always protected, respected in his work and that there was a real complicity between man and animal.

Horses and Men in Slovak forests
Horses and Men in Slovak forests

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