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Creation of "Around The Rock, Ecovolunteer world tour"

July 2 14 , Written by Le BLOG d'Around The Rock Published on #Ecovolunteer, #Ecovolunteer Trip, #Information, #Before Departure

The 1st July 2012, the French association "Around The Rock, Ecovolunteer world tour in search of endangered species" is recognized of general interest and directed its ecovolunteers missions to the fauna. The ecovolunteers of this association look for worldwide programs, ecovolunteers missions or trips to help organizations that protect wildlife and endangered species.

The ecovolunteer trip is a state of mind and requires a significant implication and flexibility, but no specific skills. Everybody can thus be ecovolunteer. The ecovolunteer trip allows to travel differently and in a useful way.

The ecovolunteers are involved in concrete actions on the field with biologists, scientists, rangers and other people of the reserves, parks, refuges and other environmental organizations.
The ecovolunteer trip is also an exchange which places the ecovolunteers in the heart of the organization, and thus, puts them in direct contact with the local population.

The ecovolunteers missions or ecovolunteers programs are sometimes free, and often paying. Each ecovolunteer can choose and contact directly the association he wants to help to negotiate at best his stay.
The association "Around The Rock, Ecovolunteer world tour in search of endangered species ", through its website informs free of charge ecovolunteers about the associations already visited. Indeed, Céline GIBERT and Anthony PHILIPPE are currently conducting a world tour over a period of 5 years to make a maximum of missions in the reserves, parks, refuges and other associations that can welcome ecovolunteers.

Information, based on real-life experiences, is displayed online :



The ecovolunteers programs are extraordinary ways to discover the world and the wildlife; so don’t hesitate anymore to take the plunge and try the experience by becoming ecovolunteer.

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